Tuesday, October 5, 2010

 "I've known Arun Kumar Pallathadka both personally and as an author over the past several years. Arun has inspired countless youths in the US through his simple and effective style of writing."

 - Alex Campbell, NY, USA
Life- A Whirlwind

"An emotional Journey"
- Alice Campbell, Economist,NY

"Arun's writing depicts the reality. No hocus-pocus!"
- Nicolas Roger, Techie,Boston, MA
"Very, very unique style!"
-Ashley Brooks, Graduate, NJ City Uni, NJ
 "A promising attempt"
 -Ethan Stewart, Script Writer, Omaha, NE

"A very heartfelt, moving, touching story"

- Frank Moore, Analytical Chemist, Dectaur, TX

"Its all about SEARCH. I hold human values as dear as the author does. Therefore, ... this is honest"
- Brandon Jos, Student, Dakota, Minnesotta

"It is a point of pride for millions of Indians living in the US! Great work, Arun!"
- Dr. Venkat Bhat, Surgeon Phoenix, AZ

 "No doubt, it touches your soul!"
- David Wilson, Student, Helenski, Finland

"Simply Awaesome! I've been moved!"
- Linda Johnson, Student, Berne, Switzerland

"I couldn't help myself stop reading this book!"
- Thomas Mischew, Indianapolis, IN

 "Amazing! That's the word!"
- Richard Louie, Manhattan, NY

"I wonder the marvels Indians can do with paper and pen!"
- Brian Clark, Alumni (Dept of Physics, University of Cambridge), Jacksonville, FL

"Very touching, indeed"
- RB, Art Director, San Diego, CA

"Bravo! It is a successful attempt to show what impact poverty may have upon three individuals"
- Francis Harvey, Research Scholar, Amsterdam, Netherlands

"Must read book. I've included this book in my collection of lifetime!"
- Robert Williams, Chicago, IL

"Life is a whirlwind and Arun has portrayed it well~"
- Artuz VW, Winnipeg

"Thought provoking work!"
- Amit Agarwal, Kolkatta, India

"A beautiful novel. It is so powerful that for a while I felt emptiness around me."
Sumana Venkata Giri, NY

"Arun has portrayed the theme well - in his own way"
Ashoka Vardhana, Atri Book House, Mangalore, India

"A good plot for visual media. Life- A Whirlwind keeps the reading spirit alive."
- Balachandra Achar, Research Scholar, IIT, Chennai, India

"The story stays with you"
- Aditya Mitra, Oslo, Norway

"Very gripping"
- Santosh Reddy, Engg student, Hyderabad, India

"The characters come alive as though we're all watching a stage show!"
- Sushen Varma, Lecturer, Pune, India

"It was so absorbing that I read it without a break.Characterization has been realistic. Good Job!"
- BR Sethi, Bengaluru, India

"This explores the reality and the significance of Human Relationships"
 - Dean Mayr, Sydney, Australia

"A nice piece of work. It is so lively!"
- Lousie Mumford, Hamburg, Germany

"I could feel the same emotions throughout. Story telling via "Dreams" is simply impressive as well as touching." 
- Edward James, Marine Engineer, Ottwa, Canada

"I read and I was conquered!"
- WS Milton, Yorkshire, UK

"Arun's attitude towards life is apparent through his book. It is so fascinating!"
- Roz Alvin, Goa, India

"It is a great beginning of a great career"
- Samyukta, Aeronautical Engineer, Las Vegas, NV

"I strongly feel that it is right time for our youngsters to take Arun on in the battlefield called literature. Look here, this boy has a great future!"
- Lt. Michael Jones, London, UK

"Arun's Life- A Whirlwind is an entertaining prose!"
- Devanth Raj, Web Designer, New Delhi, India

"Philosophical, Emotional and Realistic!"
- Joshua, Mumbai, India

"The story is very clearly written. A very good start."
- Sumana Venur, Engg Student, Mysore, India

"I'm very selective when it comes to reading. Took a long time to initiate reading this book. But once I started, I could not stop reading it. I'd started off with hesitation and finished with teary eyes."
- N Obrien, Press Supervisor, Galway, Ireland

"Short and Sweet!"
- Carolina Williams, Student (BA Geography), Berne, Switzerland

"Once I started reading this book, I couldn't stop! Really Good! I could relate the characters easily. The flow of the story gets the credit!" 
- Anusha BK, Student, Bengaluru, India

"Hunger must have inspired the author to pen this novel and now this has created hinger within me to read more of such works. This is the obvious result of the author's remarkable imagination!"
- Prof. Dr. George F Roger, Johannnesburg, South Africa

 "For a long time, I'd believed that all that our teenagers know is reading Master Pieces. Here's one who has set out to create them and he's just eighteen! Imagine Arun at his eighties!"
 - Mark Aidan, SF, CA

"Where's the next book, Man?? That's all I have to say!"
- Charlie Hounge, Frankfort, KY 

"A work simply beyond his age and interest!"
- N.T.Bhat, Retired Professor(Eng), Udupi, India
"One of the most emotional stories I've ever come across"
- VR Ranjan, Student(Automobile Engg), Hasan, India

"The very presence of this book steals your mind!"
- Catrina Albert, Student, Chicago, IL

"Wonderful story! It has left me speechless!"
- Iswaran, Retired Professor (Botany), Guruvayoor, India

"Arun is the future of Indian English"

-NY Journal 

"Very beautifully told"
- The Evening Times

"Excellent story-  vivid characterization!"
- Dr. Bharathi, Geographer

"Arun Kumar is a natural story teller"
-Dr. Anuradha Deshak, Proessor (English)

"Reaches the heart. A successful attempt."
- Kumara Nrupatunga, SLAS, Colombo

"Very good presentation ; a touching story"
-Dr. Rohitha Eswer, Archaeologist

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